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  • What’s Keeping You From Succeeding?

    In my business, I have business growth goals.  I have a number of services that I perform as follows: Strategic Planning and Execution Strategic Tax Planning Tax Preparation Accounting Payroll This summer I made the decision that I would only work on growing the Strategic Planning and Execution and Strategic Tax Planning service lines.  These are the two areas of service that I excel at and that are the most valuable to my clients. Once I decided that I would focus on Strategic Planning and Execution and Strategic Tax Planning, I also made the decision that I was going to limit the growth of  Tax Preparation, Accounting and Payroll.  The reason why I decided to limit the growth on Tax Preparation, Accounting and Payroll is because I want to focus my energies and resources on the service lines that I deem to be the best growth areas of my business. One of the fundamental principles of economics is that we have limited resources.  We have limited finances.  We have limited time.  I still have yet to meet one person who has more than 168 hours a week.  Because I have limited resources, I have to prioritize the use of those…

  • What Do I Do When I Fail at My Goals? – Part Two

    In my previous post I discussed the reasons why I believe people fail at New’s Years Resolutions.  The biggest reason they fail is because they are using a broken process.  Here is the process I use. Start with a 3-5 year vision.  The 3-5 year vision is where I determine what I want my life to be like in the future.  This is the most important step in the goal setting process.  Remember where I stated earlier that most people underestimate what they can accomplish in five years.  The 3-5 year vision establishes where I want to go and what I want to become. Now that I have my 3-5 year vision I break my 3-5 year vision into yearly goals.  I determine what must occur each year in order for me to achieve my 3-5 year vision. Annually, I look at the next twelve months.   I know what my goals are for this year.  I develop a strategy to accomplish this years goals.  The strategy enables me develop a plan of action that will lead to me successfully achieving my yearly goals. Quarterly, I develop my quarterly priorities.  The quarterly priorities detail what I must do over the next…

  • What Do I Do When I Fail at My Goals? – Part One

    Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and underestimate what they can accomplish in five years. Every year we get a fresh start. In America we have this phenomenon known as the New Year’s Resolutions.  Business Insider posted an article this year on the failure rate of New’s Years Resolutions.   They claim that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February.  Assuming this is correct why do people keep setting New Year’s Resolutions? It’s natural to look at a new year as a clean slate.  We’ve had a chance in December to review our life over the last year.  We tally our successes and our failures.  We get a chance to spend time with family and friends on a more concentrated basis during the holidays.  For some of us spending time with family and friends is a wonderful time and for some of this it can be a painful time where old wounds are reopened. As we go through this introspective time in December it’s natural to gain motivation and declare next year is going to be better.   I’m going to be a better person.  I’m going to accomplish more.  I’m going to improve my relationships.  I’m…



  • We started our residential real estate business and brought Damon on as our principal adviser for all matters relating to taxes & accounting. We have doubled our business each year and Damon is a critical partner that has allowed us to successfully focus on our business.

    – Dan and Rachel Kendall
    Owners, The Rachel Kendall Team, LLC - Raleigh, NC
  • Damon Yudichak is a diligent and consistent professional. I’ve worked with Damon since 2009 and I’ve felt like a valued customer since the beginning of our relationship. His firm is consistent, courteous, and knowledgeable. He and his firm are a vital link to my business.

    – Al Sullivan, President
    Inspirus Consulting, Inc. – Cary, NC
  • Owning a small business… to me, it’s worth millions! Bringing Damon on for accounting and tax purposes… just a reasonable monthly fee! Keeping our business legal and my business partner sane… PRICELESS!

    – Tonya Baskerville, Owner
    Art on the Fridge, LLC – Raleigh, NC