September 2011

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September 2011

Orange Star Newsletter

Focused Information for the Small Business Owner
Volume 4, Issue 6

Damon Yudichak

Damon Yudichak

Portrait by Charles Gupton

In This Issue

The Hill

Last year the city of Raleigh closed the municipal garbage dump near Durant Road. As part of the plan to close it, a number of community-oriented developments were included for new uses of the land that was once the dump. A children’s playground was built with a spider web jungle gym. The city also built a mountain bike trail. Part of the trail goes up a steep hill that has become affectionately named “The Hill” in our family.
Last year on each of my daughter’s birthdays, I took each one individually for their first trip to the top of The Hill. We chatted and looked at all of the surroundings. We ran around, giggled and chased each other. Since that time we have taken many trips to the top of The Hill. Lately, our trip down The Hill ends with a race to see who the first to get to the bottom is. We all run and try to get there first. My youngest daughter, Claire, is carefree and always tries to get there first. The last time we climbed The Hill, Claire wanted to run ahead and get to the top first. She began running and then she would stop and sigh, “I’m tired.” I then yelled to my other daughter Norah, “Hurry Norah, Claire’s tired, let’s run now so we can beat her.” And we got ahead until Norah began to get tired. Then Claire caught up and passed us. She always ends up getting to the top first.

Damon’s Big Lesson

I recently stayed at a JW Marriott hotel for a conference I attended. It was by far the nicest hotel I had ever stayed in. It was a wonderful experience. The room was quiet. The customer service was impeccable. When I turned on the TV, I was greeted by my name. When it came time to check out, all I had to do was turn on the TV and I was able to check out through an option on its screen. It was a wonderful, relaxing and hassle-free stay.
I could tell that there had been a lot of planning and thought that went into the design of each and every aspect of the JW Marriott hotel. My thought is that the guiding principle of the design work for the hotel revolved around the customer experience. Before any blueprints were created, discussions took place to define what the JW Marriott

customer experience should be. Once clear and concise customer experiences were defined, the next discussion was about how to ensure that the customer experiences these each and every time they stay at the hotel. I’m sure that a quiet, relaxing room was one of the vital characteristics of the JW Marriott experience.
Once the list was created of what would ensure that each and every room was quiet, the rooms had to be constructed so the walls were thick and dampened any noise that was coming from another room. The decor had to be selected for each room so that the room felt relaxing.
There are a lot of details that go into creating a memorable customer experience. If left to chance, the customer will not have the experience that you want them to have.

Four Key Reasons You Should Attend a Conference

I recently attended an accounting conference. It was valuable for a four key reasons:
1.    A break from the regular day-to-day operations of my business.  While I love my job and the role I have in my business, at times it’s good to get a break to get my head above water and look at my business from a different vantage point.
2.    Personal interaction with other CPA firm owners. I got to hear about what they do that works well. I also got to share with them some of my successes as well as talk with them about some of my challenges. This was quite valuable given that most of the people at the conference had many more years of experience running a business and providing CPA services. Many of them had grown their business to be ten times larger than mine.
3.    Exposure to new tools that improve operations. I constantly want to improve my business. Most of my business day is filled with either fulfilling client work or managing my business. By visiting a conference, I’m exposed to these new tools and technology.
4.    Finding new knowledge sources. In my business, with constantly changing tax laws and increasingly complex business issues, there is a lot of value in finding people that are in the know. By attending a conference, I’m able to find a new knowledge resource that will be helpful when I come across an issue I don’t know how to solve.

What’s With the Moon?

I’ve had a couple people ask, What’s with you and the moon? About two years ago, I became fascinated with the Apollo Program. I began to study the program and interview people who helped make the monumental task of landing on the moon a reality.

The moon is a symbol of possibility for me. It is a source of inspiration. I like to be inspired.

About Me

My name is Damon Yudichak and I am a Certified Public Accountant. My father was an Army officer and we moved around a lot. We finally ended up in Fayetteville, NC. I’ve been a resident of Raleigh since 1999 when I moved here to go to North Carolina State University. I am fascinated with the moon and am still amazed that man has walked on the moon. I also am a big standup comedy fan.

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