Garmin 405cx

Damon’s review of Garmin 405cxJust finished my first run with Garmin 405cx. The one word that describes the Garmin 405cx isFreedomNow I have never run with a GPS watch so this is not meant to be comparative to any other GPS watch. I really like having the ability to run wherever I want. I have my running target for the day and it was nice to watch my progress and know when I was close to the end. I had the flexibility to change my route at any time which was very liberating.When I was in my teenage years i ran a lot just to run. Now that I’m training for a marathon, I have to make sure that I get the right mileage in with each workout. The beauty of having a GPS watch is that I can still run wherever I like, only now I can make sure that I get my mileage in.I read some reviews of the 405cx that said it was difficult to read the watch because of the size of the numbers. I did not find this to be a problem at all. It was easy to read. I like the look of the 405cx. The bezel enabled me to move pretty seamlessly between menus and functions.Connections with the satellites was instantaneous. It took less than 2 seconds for me to connect when I first took the watch outside to enable the GPS. Throughout my 3 mile run, I never lost my satellite connection.I bought the premium soft strap heart rate monitor (HRM) instead of the standard heart rate monitor. I’m really glad I made the upgrade. The premium soft strap HRM is much more comfortable than a standard HRM.Overall I found the user interface for the 405cx to be very intuitive and user friendly. It is lightweight and looks good on my wrist. I switched from the plastic wristband to the fabric wristband. I chose this becasue I prefer a fabric wristband over a plastic wristband. The fabric wristband is wide. I actually like the width of the wristband because I fell like it is solidly in place on my wrist. The fit is extremely comfortable and lightweight.I read numerous posts that said it was difficult to install the fabric wristband. While it took a little bit of time to switch the wristband, I did not find the process overly onerous. At the same time, installing the fabric wristband was not as intuitive as it could have been, but hey I don’t plan to change the wristband often.One feature I really enjoy is the USB ANT+ stick. It is enjoyable feature to have data instantaneously uploaded to my computer and Garmin Connect. I really like the Garmin Connect website as the information I get from my workout is very detailed and easy to understand.I really like the Garmin 405cx and would recommend it to others looking to long distance runners.

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  • We started our residential real estate business and brought Damon on as our principal adviser for all matters relating to taxes & accounting. We have doubled our business each year and Damon is a critical partner that has allowed us to successfully focus on our business.

    – Dan and Rachel Kendall
    Owners, The Rachel Kendall Team, LLC - Raleigh, NC
  • Damon Yudichak is a diligent and consistent professional. I’ve worked with Damon since 2009 and I’ve felt like a valued customer since the beginning of our relationship. His firm is consistent, courteous, and knowledgeable. He and his firm are a vital link to my business.

    – Al Sullivan, President
    Inspirus Consulting, Inc. – Cary, NC
  • Owning a small business… to me, it’s worth millions! Bringing Damon on for accounting and tax purposes… just a reasonable monthly fee! Keeping our business legal and my business partner sane… PRICELESS!

    – Tonya Baskerville, Owner
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