Life is more than just practice

I recently had lunch with an individual who I hired for a short term project. He is in the process of studying for the CPA exam so he can also be a CPA exam.I encouraged him that all the hard work is worthwhile. I contemplated everything that I did so that I could become a CPA. There is a high barrier to entry to become a CPA.This reminded me somewhat of my Army training. When I went through basic training, there were some very long hours and times when I did not get much sleep. Stress levels were high and there were challenging tasks to complete.I realized that the training was that intense because the Army wanted to prepare soldiers for the rigors of battle. While I never served in a combat zone, I talked with others that did encounter combat. After talking with them, the conclusion was that Army training was the best the Army could do to prepare soldiers for combat.As challenging as training was it is still inadequate. There is no way the Army could artificially simulate combat.I think the same is with a profession. Training can only get you so far. Part of why training is difficult is to see what your made of.Do you have what it takes? Prove it.

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