We Did Everything Right

I recently watch a TV show that discussed how some people were handing the bad economy. Specifically, there was one couple that opened up a coffee shop in New York City. They talked about how they did everything right. They brought local artists into the shop. In the end they felt they had created a second home for their community.They did this all in the midst of the recession. They ultimately decided to close their shop because they were not able to get enough business from all their hard work. The one thing that really upset them was in their words,“We did everything right.”This phrase has stuck with me since I watched the show. I was sad to hear that they had put their heart and soul and everything into their business and were it not for a bad economy, they would have succeeded.I certainly related with this comment. Growing up I heard many things that I was supposed to do. The one I listened to the most was,“Get good grades so you can get into a good college so you can get a good job.”I followed this advice and had the misfortune of graduating from college at the wrong time. In 2003, I graduated with my BS in Accounting from NC State University. In 2003 we were in the midst of a bad economy and I had troubles finding a job. I did finally get a job and started my career.I decided to start a graduate degree in 2005. This time I graduated in 2008 which was just the beginning of the Great Recession.As a child, I remember telling my dad at times, “It’s not fair!” He always replied with, “Life is not fair.” I always hated when he said that. But its true. Life is not fair.There are times when you can do everything right and still not get the desired result. It is easy at those times to see others in better situations and proclaim, “Life is not fair.”Life is not fair.What did I do to be born in such a wonderful time of history? How come I had the opportunity to get a wonderful education? I was a part of the Army in the midst of two wars and never served a deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. My sister did two tours in Iraq. I was born with no disabilities. I was never kidnapped. I am still in excellent health. My children are very healthy. I have a career that I love.I’ve had my fair share of tragedies in my life as has everyone else. There were dark times when I was very sad. But despite this, I have had and continue to have a good life.Life will be difficult at times. Unfair things happen at the most inopportune times.What is great is that I still live in a country that if I fail today, I can pick myself up tomorrow and reinvent myself. The future is boundless.

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  • We started our residential real estate business and brought Damon on as our principal adviser for all matters relating to taxes & accounting. We have doubled our business each year and Damon is a critical partner that has allowed us to successfully focus on our business.

    – Dan and Rachel Kendall
    Owners, The Rachel Kendall Team, LLC - Raleigh, NC
  • Damon Yudichak is a diligent and consistent professional. I’ve worked with Damon since 2009 and I’ve felt like a valued customer since the beginning of our relationship. His firm is consistent, courteous, and knowledgeable. He and his firm are a vital link to my business.

    – Al Sullivan, President
    Inspirus Consulting, Inc. – Cary, NC
  • Owning a small business… to me, it’s worth millions! Bringing Damon on for accounting and tax purposes… just a reasonable monthly fee! Keeping our business legal and my business partner sane… PRICELESS!

    – Tonya Baskerville, Owner
    Art on the Fridge, LLC – Raleigh, NC